Muskingum partners with Vivature for student-athlete healthcare enhancement

Muskingum partners with Vivature for student-athlete healthcare enhancement

The Muskingum University Athletic Department has partnered with Vivature to provide a state-of-the-art healthcare management platform to enhance the Muskingum Athletic Training Department's care of Muskie student-athletes.

Vivature has developed the industry's first biometric kiosk to check-in athletes when they arrive in the athletic training room as well as allow the athletes to see scheduled appointments, repetitive treatments and perform self-documentation on things such as ice bags for preventative injuries. In addition to the students, the athletic trainers will also be registered in the software, and their fingerprints will bring up a different screen to help them document in real time.

"We are excited to partner with Vivature to strengthen the sports medicine care we provide our student-athletes," said Muskingum Vice President and Athletic Director Steve Brockelbank. "Vivature's expertise in managing student-athlete healthcare will allow Muskingum to generate a new line of revenue and provide a reinvestment back into the Muskingum student-athlete experience."

"The software will empower us to take our documentation to the next level, using advanced technology," said Muskingum Head Athletic Trainer Aimee Cline. "Thus, creating an optimal environment to achieve our goal of providing our student-athletes with exceptional care."

Vivature is a Dallas, Texas, based firm was recently named one of the "Top 25 Emerging Sports Technology Firms" in the country, and now has more than 400 collegiate partners. Vivature uses a $20+ million enterprise-level single database, and their VIVAiQ (formerly known as "NExTT") software to make college and university sports medicine departments compliant with all federal and state medical regulations by properly recording student-athlete injuries and treatments being conducted as required by law, as well as providing the NExTT 360 solution by recording and improving student-athlete care in the areas of Nutrition, Counseling, Academic Counseling and Strength & Conditioning (KONGiQ).