Muskingum Volleyball- This Week

Muskingum Volleyball- This Week

The Muskingum volleyball team will take its 6-1 record to the DePauw Invitational on Friday, September 14, and Saturday, September 15.

This past weekend, sophomore Brooke Fatheree led the team in kills with 43. Fatheree also added 44 digs and 38 points. Freshman Carson Miller logged 28 kills on the weekend. Sophomore Brynn Guist and senior Miranda Plumly both added 16 kills. The offensive efforts were led by sophomore Erin Dickson who registered a team-best 98 assists, averaging 9.8 assists per set. The backline was anchored by sophomore Jessica Cottle who logged 41 digs and senior Jordan Youngs who registered 37. As a team, the Muskies recorded 128 kills, 106 assists, and 182 digs this weekend. Overall, the Muskies have logged 327 kills, 293 assists, and 458 digs on the season.

The Muskies next take on Earlham at the DePauw Invitational on Friday, September 14 at 2:00 p.m. Earlham is currently 8-1 overall after hosting the Earlham Quaker Classic where they went 4-0 beating Wilmington (3-1), IU Southeast (3-1), Crowley Ridge College (3-0), and Boyce College (3-0).  Earlham is led by senior Ashleigh Burton who has 94 kills on the season and a hitting percentage of .469. Freshman Sarah Dickman, freshman Abbey Zanatta, and sophomore Julia Stewart all have over 60 kills on the season. The offensive efforts are led by junior Lauren Jackson who has 303 assists on the year, averaging 10.10 assists per set. The Quaker defense is controlled by senior Megan Hedinger who has 143 digs in nine matches. As a team, the Quakers have 415 kills, 391 assists, and 515 digs on the year.

Also on Friday, the Muskies take on DePauw at 6:00 p.m. Depauw is 2-6 after losing to Heidelberg (1-3). Bluffton (1-3), Ohio Northern (2-3), and Thomas More (1-3) this past weekend. The Tigers are led by senior Suzanne Peters who has 143 kills this season and junior Morgan Stearley who has 104 kills. Their offense is led by sophomore Ally Low who has 325 assists in the eight games they've played, averaging 10.16 assists per set. Their defensive fight is led by freshman Jenna Purichia who has 141 digs on the year, junior Kaylee Nichols who has 100 digs, and Stearley who has 111 digs. As a team, the Tigers have 409 kills, 385 assists, 563 digs.

Then on Saturday, September 15 at 12:00 p.m. the Muskies take on Rose-Hulman. Rose-Hulman now stands 6-3 overall after their showing in Saint Lois, Missouri. While in Missouri, they won against MacMurray (3-0), Birmingham-Southern (3-0), and Neb. Wesleyan (3-2) and fell short to Carthage (3-0). The Engineers are led by senior Bailey MacInnis who has 76 kills. Their offensive action is controlled by junior Katie Orbeta who has 194 assists and senior Marissa Gollnick who has 109. Their backline is anchored by sophomore Katryna Dahlberg who has 182 digs, averaging 5.69 digs per set. As a team, the Engineers have registered 356 kills, 330 assists, and 586 digs.

Also on Saturday, the Muskies take on Transylvania at 2:00 p.m. Transylvania is 2-5 overall after their showcase at the Emory National Tournament. While at the Tournament, they lost to Emory (3-0) and Whiteworth (3-1) and won against Oglethorpe (3-1) and Otterbein (3-0). The Pioneer attack is led by junior Jordan Horne who has 62 kills on the year. Sophomore Ellie Stigger has logged 59 kills, while senior Jennifer Buckman has logged 48. Junior Hannah Talkers leads their offense with 196 assists in seven games, averaging 7.54 assists per set. Junior Abby Wills has a team-best 106 digs, averaging 4.08 digs per set. As a team the Pioneers have 271 kills, 251 assists, and 422 digs on the year.